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Monday, September 15, 2003

Call Centre India

Rediff has an instructive little guide today on the call centre, Indian style. It comes complete with photos. This work is obviously not especially fulfilling, whatever the blurb. The attrition rate of 40% speaks for itself. However, it shouldn't be forgotten, that these jobs provide the opportunity to 'work yourself through college' and things like that, so there may be some purpose to the participation.

Rekha Malhotra (extreme left) is tall, slim and extremely self-assured. She has never been to America. Yet for the last five months, she has spent 10 hours every day as ‘Candy,' a resident of Orange County, California, talking about the weather there and selling satellite television packages to North Americans. She works at Infowavz, a call center in Mumbai that is among the hundreds that have mushroomed in India in the last three years. In her first two months as a sales agent, as ‘Candy’ she made 300 calls a day. Now as the team coach she has moved from selling packages herself to monitoring calls, motivating and disciplining her eight-member team. Living as Candy -- her ‘floor name’ -- at work does not bother her. "At work I am Candy. Outside I am Rekha. That’s how I see it. There’s nothing more to it, It is like with actors. They play a part every time. They don’t have problems because they are acting out a new identity every few months," she says. At 23, yet to graduate, Rekha started working at 16, first in public relations, then in an event management company, now in a call center. She says there is nothing more challenging than her current job.
Source: Rediff.com

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