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Friday, October 31, 2003

Just How Competitive Do You Feel?

The latest edition of the Global Competitiveness Report is out. Finland is in at No1, and Italy down at 41. I don't know how much importance to put on this kind of thing, but the rankings look more or less OK to me. India slipped in the growth competitiveness rankings, and didn't move up the business competitiveness index. This means that there is little room for complacency: as Vivek was saying on Monday. Reform, Reform, Reform!

The latest Global Competitiveness Report by the World Economic Forum has sprung a surprise. It sees Finland racing ahead of the United States as the world's most competitive economy, with Sweden and Denmark tying up third and fourth spots on the annual listing, the World Economic Forum said in a report on Thursday. India slipped a little in the growth competitiveness index rankings as it occupied the 56th in growth competitiveness index rankings compared to 54th in 2002.

In the business competitiveness index rankings, however India continued in the same position, 37th, as the year before. This means India continues to be below Brazil but above China which languished in the 46th position, a fall from its 38th position in 2002. Neighbour Pakistan was 73rd in the growth competitiveness index rankings and 72nd in the business competitiveness index rankings. To calculate the growth competitiveness index, the WEF assessed statistics and surveys of business leaders on each country's technology, public institutions and macroeconomic factors. Taiwan, Singapore, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Australia filled in the next five slots in the survey.
Source: Times of India

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