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Friday, October 31, 2003

Thanks, Edward, for the post "Gazing into the Future". I have a lot of respect for Thurow and I agree with him on his analysis about the future of China and India. I know that Thurow is good at arithmetic and as my good old friend John McCarthy of Stanford used to say, "Those who refuse to do arithmetic are doomed to speak nonsense."

I recently posted an article on my blog titled Use it, not just export it where I argue that the benefits of ICT acrue from using ICT tools rather than just exporting it, as India does. And one of the most important uses of ICT is in education. The goal should be universal primary education. To manage that herculean task, you need to train about 7 million primary school teachers and provide them with teaching aids. I see ICT as the primary device for training the teachers. If India does not get its act together in the primary education field, there is no hope for India. If it cannot find the national will -- political, economic, institutional -- the road will lead to a slow and painful national suicide.

The Chinese leadership seems to have its act together. The Chinese lucked out. It is India's karma that it got saddled with a bunch of self-serving narrow-minded weak-kneed myopic corrupt criminals as its leaders. A bunch of half-wits ruling over the totally witless.

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